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Real estate carbon data collection made easy: a chat with our director

Gathering carbon data in real estate can be complex and time-consuming. Etainabl makes this process effortless and spot-on for real estate professionals who want to manage and address carbon emissions in their assets. Four years on since Etainabl was founded, we asked our director Ben Perrett about the journey so far and what’s next.

Ben Perrett


Spotlight: The Crane Building

The Etainabl data driven approach not only facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the building's energy and carbon footprint but also paved the way for ongoing monitoring and management towards achieving a net-zero emissions goal. By actively involving tenants and integrating diverse data streams, Etainabl created a robust model for sustainable building management.

Ben Perrett


Analyse Environmental Data With Ease

Etainabl's mission is to utilise the latest technology so that users can gain clarity on their climate impact, create efficiencies and reduce costs. We provide a solid data driven approach to make sustainable decisions that will contribute to reducing emissions. Users can gain a holistic understanding of performance and the platform has been specifically designed to be a collaborative tool that is flexible for a range of different data scenarios.

Automating Utility Data

Currently there is major focus in all industries on the net zero carbon agenda which in turn is driving the need for businesses to get control over their fragmented data. It is no longer an option to ignore the carbon impact of your business as pressure is being applied by institutional investors, supply chains and end customers. Climate impact can ultimately only be measured by utilising solid underlying data, and this is so often ignored.

Connect and motivate your tenants & stakeholders to take action!

Do you want to maximise sustainability in assets while connecting and motivating your tenants & stakeholders to take action? Etainabl are now offering a service that will take the performance of your multi-let assets to the next level. We can now directly inform your occupiers of the assets performance through powerful visual dashboards backed by accurate data.

Data is fundamental in understanding performance of real estate assets

We understand that data is vitally important in understanding the carbon performance of real estate assets. With the World’s focus on energy and climate change, real estate owners and investors are under extraordinary pressure to leverage data to improve carbon performance and develop strategies for reducing carbon.

GRESB - The Performance Component

The performance component of GRESB measures an entity’s asset portfolio performance, drawn from information collected at the asset and portfolio levels. It includes information on performance indicators, such as energy consumption, GHG emissions, water consumption and waste. The component is often overlooked but actually should garner the most attention as it is actually worth 70% of the total marks and is the most data driven part of the assessment.

The Role of Carbon Offsetting to Reach Net-Zero

As climate change continues to wreak havoc on Earth, more companies are creating strategies to align to net-zero carbon. Before we delve deeper into the role of carbon offsetting in reaching net-zero carbon, we would like to define some things.

The trouble with tenants - you may own the building, but not the data!

Buildings still consume roughly 40% of the world’s energy and the landlords of today are under more pressure than ever to have a greater understanding about how their own portfolios perform. They need to disclose information to increasingly stringent mandatory and voluntary sustainability mechanisms. This means the need for clear, concise and easily accessible data is growing on both a national and international scale.