Real Estate ESG and Utility Automation

Etainabl empowers real estate businesses with the tools needed to automatically collect utility data for ESG purposes.

The ultimate tool for real estate ESG.

Collect, analyse, and report data with Etainabl

We understand the pains associated with collecting data, ensuring data is accurate, and then reporting using this data. What if we told you we could automate all of this for you?

Automatic Data Collection

Etainabl boasts many integrations with suppliers, building management systems, metering and solar panel technologies. We can automate all your data collection.

Data Validation

Accurate data is important when it comes to ESG. We have tools that can validate the data we collect and flag any issues and anomalies.

Coverage Boost

Struggling with data coverage? Tired of data gaps? Let us automate all your data collection, even from challenging sources.

ESG Reporting

We help shape your data ready for ESG reporting frameworks such as GRESB. We also have many other report formats for a variety of use cases.

Trusted by many leading real estate businesses and funds

Say goodbye to manual data collection

True automation. Complete data.

Data is the bread and butter of ESG, but collecting data for real estate can be a mammoth task. Luckily we have many tools to help with managing the complexities of data.


At Etainabl, we thrive on harnessing the latest technology to accelerate and automate numerous data points. As a technology-driven company and dedicated solution provider, we bring this innovative spirit to our valued clients, empowering them with cutting-edge solutions.


Retrieve accurate data directly from its source, eliminating the need to contact suppliers or rely on lengthy chains. Welcome the convenience of instant and precise data for every gas and electricity meter in the UK. Embrace data collection as it should be – streamlined, efficient, and hassle-free!


Etainabl seamlessly integrates with BMS and metering systems, empowering you to effortlessly receive accurate meter data. We also offer our cutting-edge hardware, automating interval data for hassle-free energy monitoring

Always stay on track

Decarbonise your assets

Get on the right pathway and easily track your asset or portfolio performance to net zero standards.

Sustainable Future

Decarbonising real estate helps create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, reducing the industry's carbon footprint.

Cost Savings

By embracing decarbonisation, real estate owners can lower operational costs through energy-efficient practices, resulting in long-term financial benefits.

Enhanced Property Value

Decarbonised buildings often attract environmentally-conscious tenants and investors, boosting the overall value and attractiveness of the real estate assets.

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Real estate carbon data collection made easy: a chat with our director

Gathering carbon data in real estate can be complex and time-consuming. Etainabl makes this process effortless and spot-on for real estate professionals who want to manage and address carbon emissions in their assets. Four years on since Etainabl was founded, we asked our director Ben Perrett about the journey so far and what’s next.

Spotlight: The Crane Building

The Etainabl data driven approach not only facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the building's energy and carbon footprint but also paved the way for ongoing monitoring and management towards achieving a net-zero emissions goal. By actively involving tenants and integrating diverse data streams, Etainabl created a robust model for sustainable building management.

Our track record

Trusted by hundreds of real estate professionals worldwide

We take immense pride in the wealth of accurate data we've collected for our valued clients.

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Simple pricing for complex data

Our pricing model is built for real estate companies of all sizes

Our Plans

We have three different plans, depending on the level of features you will require. We also have bespoke pricing for any users who may want to build our platform into their existing services.

What’s included

  • Automated carbon emissions
  • Utility data
  • Custom portfolio creation
  • Dedicated support

Pricing starts from

£350per month

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