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Managing Agents

Elevate your edge. Harness the power of the Etainabl platform to redefine sustainability services for clients and tenants. Unite all market players on a single powerful platform.

Key Benefits

Ease of access

Manage your users: adjust access levels according to your needs. Whether you're providing clients access to all their properties or just a single tenant's meter, you have the control.

Data Accuracy and Transparency

Etainabl offers a truly centralised data hub, ensuring accuracy and transparency for informed decisions, accessible to all stakeholders for up-to-date insights.

Sustainability Strategy

Inform long term strategy by easily analysing sustainability data and identifying trends. Set long-term sustainability goals against industry benchmarks.


Facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders. Sharing data and insights can encourage adoption of more sustainable practices as you work to a common goal.

Compliance and Reporting

Streamline the process of gathering and reporting the necessary information, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and frameworks.

Beyond just data

Etainabl goes beyond data – effortlessly retrieve and store certifications, oversee capital projects, and assess climate risk, all in a unified platform.

Beyond Competitors: Excel with Etainabl

Get ahead with Etainabl now! Stand out, offer a holistic and collaborative sustainability platform to all stakeholders, and secure your competitive edge.

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