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We partner with forward-thinking real estate companies in automating & reporting carbon data. Bringing technology to the worldwide reduction of real estate carbon emissions.

Our mission

Etainabl was founded in 2020, and was established to find a solution to the time difficult and consuming task of gathering carbon data in real estate.

Real estate companies do not prioritise and centralise their carbon data. Some do not even collect it in the first place. It takes too long, the data is complicated and it's often too hard to get hold of.

We have come up with a suite of modern tools and services to allow real estate companies to address this problem, with minimal time and financial commitment.

We also take the step further, by assisting real estate businesses with their carbon reporting, and all the new regulatory carbon requirements being imposed by governments around the world.

Total Global kWh Consumption - Real Estate
45.4 Trillion
Annual Spend For Net Zero Transition
$9.2 Trillion
of buildings currently equipped for net zero
Only 2%

Our focus

We came up with three core focuses to help us attain our mission:

Data Quality

Data is increasingly vital to decision making and data quality has become paramount for stakeholders such as investors, employees, customers and regulators.


Gathering and processing data required for carbon reporting can be incredibly time-consuming, complex and often creates confusion. Through the use of automation we overcome this challenge.

Carbon Reduction

Etainabl provides users powerful insights into how assets and portfolios are performing. You can record and track operational performance across energy and carbon so you can ensure you are on a pathway to net zero.

Trusted by many leading real estate businesses and funds

Our Team

We're a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • Ben Perrett

    Managing Director

  • Jonathan Lambert

    Technical Director

  • David Fisher

    Software Engineer

  • Connor Jarvis

    Software Engineer

  • Rob Taylor

    Account Manager

How we have grown

In numbers

m² floor area covered
4 Million
Invoices processed annually
kWh collected & analysed
30 Million
Total collected data points
20 Million

From the blog

The latest news, updates and articles from the Etainabl team.

Real estate carbon data collection made easy: a chat with our director

Gathering carbon data in real estate can be complex and time-consuming. Etainabl makes this process effortless and spot-on for real estate professionals who want to manage and address carbon emissions in their assets. Four years on since Etainabl was founded, we asked our director Ben Perrett about the journey so far and what’s next.

Spotlight: The Crane Building

The Etainabl data driven approach not only facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the building's energy and carbon footprint but also paved the way for ongoing monitoring and management towards achieving a net-zero emissions goal. By actively involving tenants and integrating diverse data streams, Etainabl created a robust model for sustainable building management.

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