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Grid Fetch

Etainabl has the capability to effortlessly automate data collection directly from the grid operators for all gas and electricity meters throughout the UK. This streamlined process makes gathering utility consumption data easier than ever before.

Benefit from instant access to your data

Are you struggling with missing essential data required for reporting? Imagine effortlessly accessing data directly from grid operators. Look no further; we have the perfect solution for you.

Bypass Suppliers

Enhance your efficiency by bypassing the need to interact with suppliers for gathering consumption data. With our approach, you are no longer reliant on their services to access the data you require.

Instant data access

With API connectivity Etainabl enable instant retrieval of consumption information, including a comprehensive 12-month data history.

All meters

No matter if you have a cutting-edge smart meter or a traditional dial meter, we have the capability to retrieve your consumption data.

Harness the power of the grid

Get instant and automated data for all metering effortlessly