BMS Integration

Etainabl can integrate with your existing BMS technology, whether you're using BACnet, Lonworks or any other management platform.

From BMS to ESG

Enhancing sustainability management

Real time data access

Access metering data in real time, with no delay. This speeds up the process of taking action on reducing emissions and optimising assets.

Low barrier to entry

Use existing network and metering infrastructure without the need for capital expenditure.

Data control

Gather data without the need for any interaction or requests from third parties, suppliers or tenants, putting you in full control.

Prompt identification of inefficiencies

Easily identify energy wastage or inefficiencies promptly, leading to improved energy performance and reduced carbon emissions.

Enhanced occupier engagement

Armed with accurate and timely consumption data, engaging occupiers on their energy usage and carbon footprints has never been easier.

Time saving

Automate time-consuming manual tasks, such as collecting energy data – put in processes that are scalable for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect directly to your asset's BMS

Simplify the process of obtaining data from your existing BMS, eliminating complexities along the way.