Metering Services

We have the technology to get real-time data from your building's meters. Whether it's used by a tenant, deep underground or even 50 years old!

Our Solutions

How Etainabl can help you realise your asset's consumption data, without being blocked by traditional data barriers.

Direct Grid Data

All we need is your meter's MPN and we can obtain all consumption data for the past 3 years, in a matter of seconds, using our Grid Fetch technology.

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IoT Metering

For sub meters, that do not have an MPN, you can use our IoT solution to collect data from your meters in real-time.

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BMS Integration

We can integrate with any existing building management or automation system you may have.

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Data Collectors

If you already employ a data collector such as Stark, that's not a problem. We can obtain the metering data we need directly from them.

Manual Meter Reads App

It's not always practical to use a the solutions above. Old fashioned physical meter reading may be your choice. We even have a solution for that.

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Once the meter data is in your hands

Fully understand your usage

We empower you to access the meter insights, enabling a comprehensive understanding of your consumption patterns.


Get a full overview of when your meter's are consuming, how much they are consuming and how that compares to other meters.

Carbon Insights

We'll do all the grunt work when it comes to carbon emission factors. See directly from Etainabl how your meter consumption translates to carbon data.

Reduce Usage

Use this data to further reduce your asset's consumption, and in-turn reducing your utility bills and carbon footprint. Set targets and monitor your progress.

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Boost your efficiency and gain valuable insights

Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your operations and make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

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