New Features

Combined Consumption & Dynamic Reporting

We are excited to unveil two transformative new features at Etainabl: Combined Consumption Reporting and Dynamic Reporting. Designed with your sustainability management needs in mind, these features are set to revolutionise the way you track and report on buildings environmental impact. Here’s what you need to know about the significant benefits and capabilities they bring to your sustainability efforts.

Combined Consumption Reporting: Your Single Source of Truth

Navigating through various data streams to understand your environmental consumption can be complex and time-consuming. Our Combined Consumption Reporting feature simplifies this by merging multiple data sources into a single, unified report. These sources include:

  • HH (Half-Hourly) Data: Detailed energy usage data collected at 30-minute intervals.

  • Invoice Data: Invoices raised by suppliers containing consumption data usually at monthly intervals.

  • Meter Readings: Direct readings from your utility meters.

By consolidating HH data, Invoice Data, and Meter Readings, Combined Consumption Reporting offers a comprehensive and reliable source of truth for your organisation's environmental consumption. This feature enables you to:

  • Track Comprehensive Consumption Insights: Gain a complete overview of your environmental metrics in one place.

  • Inform Strategic Decisions: Leverage aggregated data to make smarter, evidence-based decisions towards achieving your sustainability goals.

  • Streamline Environmental Reporting: Reduce the complexity and effort involved in compiling and understanding your consumption data.

This all-in-one approach not only enhances the accuracy of your environmental reporting but also empowers your organisation to act more effectively on sustainability insights.

Dynamic Reporting: Tailored Insights at Your Fingertips

In an ever-evolving business landscape, having access to real-time and adaptable reporting tools is critical.

Self-service dynamic reporting allows users to run reports on any parameters with any headers that exist in the Etainabl database. These can then be saved as templates so that you can generate these reports again with ease. These reports can be configured to focus on different time periods (annual, monthly, daily, half-hourly) and at different levels (portfolio-wide, site-specific, etc.). This flexibility enables users to get the exact information they need.

Dynamic Reporting transforms environmental data into a strategic resource, offering the flexibility and depth of analysis required to navigate sustainability challenges successfully.