New Features

Gridfetch Unlocked: Say Goodbye to Data Gaps, and Hello to Complete Coverage!

Imagine effortlessly accessing utility data directly from grid operators. Look no further; we have the perfect solution for you.

Etainabl has just launched a new utility data collection service: Gridfetch. We now have the capability to effortlessly automate data collection directly from the grid operators for all primary gas and electricity meters throughout the UK. This streamlined process makes gathering utility consumption data easier than ever before. 

Key Benefits:

  • Bypass suppliers - the need to interact with suppliers for gathering consumption data is over. We are no longer reliant on supplier services or timeframes to access the data you require. 

  • Instant access - due to the grid connection being an API Etainabl can enable instant retrieval of consumption information, including a comprehensive 12-month data history.

  • Set and forget - once activated, data will flow effortlessly into Etainabl, giving you access whenever you desire without data interruptions.

  • Enhance your overall data coverage - allowing you to transform decision-making from a mere guessing game to a well-informed process based on actual data.

  • Tenant data - say goodbye to the hassle of requesting tenant data through email or dealing with suppliers. With our streamlined process, we shorten the chain and swiftly obtain the data you need!

    Are you looking to make data gaps a thing of the past as well as streamline your data acquisition directly from the source? Reach out to us today at