Data is fundamental in understanding performance of real estate assets

Etainabl is an agile data management platform that is specifically designed to advance the real estate industry in managing and organising their energy and carbon performance data. With Etainabl, users can easily collect, store, access, and analyse their data, which can help them make informed decisions about their properties and investments. Whether you are managing a portfolio of properties or just a few individual units, Etainabl can help you keep track of all of your important operational performance information in one place.

We understand that data is vitally important in understanding the carbon performance of real estate assets. With the World’s focus on energy and climate change, real estate owners and investors are under extraordinary pressure to leverage data to improve carbon performance and develop strategies for reducing carbon. 

When data is simply collected and readily available using technology like Etainabl, it can seamlessly be used to identify potential areas for asset improvement, as well as potential opportunities for cost and carbon savings. For example, a building owner may be able to identify areas of their building that are using more energy than necessary, and develop strategies to address these problem areas. 

This data can also be used to benchmark the performance of a building against similar buildings in the same area, type or size helping to identify buildings that are performing better than other buildings, and provide valuable insights into how to replicate those performance levels across a larger portfolio. 

We support real estate companies of all sizes and types manage and analyse their data more effectively. Whether you are a property manager, managing agent, consultant or investor, Etainabl can help you make fully informed decisions about your properties and investments, and guide you to achieve your net zero ambitions. Our data-driven solution focused approach can help to ensure that real estate assets are having a positive impact on the planet.