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Tenant Energy Data

Bid farewell to manual data collection from tenants and welcome automated access to the information you require. Effortlessly gain valuable insights and make informed decisions regarding your environmental impact. Embrace the convenience of Etainabl and unleash the power of automated data access today.

Gain data from any electricity or gas meter in the UK

Access tenant data with ease

Etainabl can help you source that hard to find data and automate the process

With tenant consent

Obtain both gas & electricity data from any meter in the UK. We can provide annualised or monthly consumption without the need to deal with suppliers

Without tenant consent:

Get automated aggregated electricity and gas consumption data perfect for GRESB reporting without the need to interact with tenants.

Tenant access:

Facilitate tenant access to the Etainabl platform through the tenant portal feature.

Key benefits

Set & forget

Once activated, data will flow effortlessly into Etainabl, giving you access whenever you desire. Experience true automation at its finest!

Save time

Say goodbye to the hassle of requesting tenant data through email or dealing with suppliers. With our streamlined process, we shorten the chain and swiftly obtain the data you need!


Consent has always been a sticking point for tenant data gathering. Not any more! Consent or not, we can boost your coverage.

Improve Coverage

By automating tenant data, you can effortlessly enhance your overall data coverage, transforming decision-making from a mere guessing game to a well-informed process.

Accurate footprint

Scope 3 data is hard to collect and normally makes up majority of your footprint. Tenant emissions are rapidly becoming non-optional to report as part of your carbon footprint.


Once you understand a tenant's consumption patterns, you can leverage this valuable information to foster engagement and explore suitable carbon reduction methods for the asset.

Are you struggling to get data from your tenants?

Etainabl streamlines your tenant data collection process and enhances reporting coverage, automating the entire workflow.