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  • Ben Perrett
  • 24th March 2022

Etainabl's mission is to utilise the latest technology so that users can gain clarity on their climate impact, create efficiencies and reduce costs. We provide a solid data driven approach to make sustainable decisions that will contribute to reducing emissions. Users can gain a holistic understanding of performance and the platform has been specifically designed to be a collaborative tool that is flexible for a range of different data scenarios.

With our range of analytic tools users can deep dive into emissions, consumptions and costs at the click of a button to simply switch between single assets and whole portfolios. You can easily manipulate dates and select comparison periods, in this way you can keep a close eye on whether your emissions are reducing and make necessary adjustments should they be required.

Our analytics pages include many powerful features to help users on their journey to reducing overall emissions:

  • Automated and sourced carbon calculations with easy to use breakdowns of scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, to help you report with ease

  • Analyse different streams of consumption data including invoices, meter reads, and smart data to identify unusual usage patterns

  • Query cost data and check budgets to ensure you are not over spending

  • Select dates, comparison periods, and other powerful filtering options so you can customise your views

  • Simply analyse EPCs across a portfolio

  • Compare how assets are performing normalised to floor area for quick targeting and interventions

  • Easily split between landlord allocated and tenant allocated consumption

  • View estimated data vs actual data so you can assess the reliability of the data and cleanse where necessary

  • Benchmark using REEB, LETI or any custom benchmark you desire

  • See how much of your portfolio is powered by renewable energy sources

  • Download graphics and export data to include in reporting

If you are struggling with analysing your portfolio or are interested in automating data and reporting processes to reduce cost and ultimately streamline your route to net zero get in touch with us at or visit for more details.

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