Automated Carbon Assessment

Transparent and comprehensive climate impact data empowers businesses to take rapid and meaningful action against the climate crisis. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities strengthen the greenhouse effect, causing climate change. These emissions are categorised into three groups or 'Scopes' by the most widely used international accounting tool, the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

Scope 1

All direct emissions from the activities of an organisation or under their control. Including fuel combustion on site such as gas boilers, fleet vehicles and air-conditioning leaks.

Scope 2

Indirect emissions from electricity purchased and used by the organisation. Emissions are created during the production of the energy and eventually used by the organisation.

Scope 3

All other emissions from activities of the organisation, occuring from sources that they do not own or control. These are usually the greatest share of the carbon footprint.

Etainabl calculates and reports carbon using the latest available emission factors powered by Climatiq. Etainabl have automated CO2e calculations for a wide range of countries and categories meaning users can get clear insights and make informed sustainability decisions via a live, sourced and robust carbon reporting methodology, in line with the GHG protocol.

Seamless Data Extraction

Etainabl have developed a unique automatic data collection tool named Captur. This allows organisations to save large amounts of time which would otherwise be lost to manually collecting and extracting the data. Consequently, this enables Etainabl to offer a truly valuable user experience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional bureau service.

  • Paper and digital invoice extraction using AI
  • Robotic supplier portal fetching
  • Simply import half hourly smart meter data
  • Powerful API connectivity


Captur uses modern machine learning combined with AI to read and extract key data points from utility invoices without the need for human interaction.

Digitise traditional manual data extraction

Take advantage of Etainabls technology to process invoices in seconds

Key data points

All key information automatically extracted across 100's of suppliers

Proactive data validation

Automatic validation checks across a range of data issues to ensure accuracy

Storage & accessibility

All data is immediately accessible on the platform, for reporting, analysis and download

Smart Data Automation

Import smart meter data (HH data) automatically from your nominated data collector for deeper analysis and reporting functions of a buildings actual operational performance. For Customers with on site data being collected from Building Management Systems or Sub-Metering Systems, we have a number of solutions deployed for integrating these data streams into the Etainabl software.

Meter Reading App

Speed up your manual meter read collection, easily manage users and set up collection dates.

Etainabl have developed a mobile app to help customers gather meter reading data from both primary metering and submetering devices, this can greatly accelerate collection times of meter readings and also improve the accuracy of the data provided due to validation that prevents common mistakes.

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